Crypto Deposit Guide


It's Time to go Crypto!

Here's your straightforward guide to starting your crypto journey:

Step 1. Set up your digital wallet for secure and convenient cryptocurrency management. Good places to set up your Wallet are Exodus for mobile users and Blockchain for desktop users.

Step 2. Open a crypto currency exchange account to purchase crypto. We recommend CRYPTO.COM for hassle free transactions. Follow the instructions to purchase your crypto.

Step 3. Transfer the crypto that you just purchased from your exchange account to your wallet that you just opened at Exodus or Blockchain.

Step 4. Transfer the crypto from your Exodus or Blockchain wallet to Kats Casino by clicking Deposit and then choosing the type of coin that you purchased.

Kats Casino accepts the following coin types:

• BTC • BTC Lightning • Litecoin • Ethereum • USDT (ERC and BNB) • USDC

Crypto Deposit Guide

Here's some handy advice for your first crypto deposit:

  • Transfer your crypto from your Digital Wallet (Exodus or Blockchain) to Kats Casino and not your exchange account to avoid hassle.
  • Double-check address details to prevent potential loss of funds.
  • Opt for lower fees if provided, but note that it may slow down transfers.
  • Use a debit card when making crypto purchases in your Exchange account, not a credit card to avoid delays.
  • Do not miss out on exclusive Crypto Promotions for extra benefits.

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